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Thursday, June 11, 2015

It’s late but….

I have to say this to someone. Don’t give up. Life wants you to believe that you can’t be more than what you are now but that’s not true. With God you can be it, do it, get it. Period, nothing deep just look on your bible. Philippians 4:13. Stop listening to people that are not your God.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Fairytale - Chris Webb | RHETORIC 2014

"I will wait for you" by Official P4CM Poet JANETTE...IKZ

Tye Tribbet Live @ KBC - Darrel Walls & The Walls Group - KILLING!!

Tye Tribbett,The Walls Group and Pastor Tim Rogers - Night of Family and...

Im talking to You!

Sometimes our greatest battle rests with ourselves. We know who we want to be, should be, could be … but there is something we battle which keeps us from reaching potential. This month I have challenged “self” and pushed to a point of desperation by cutting off something I love TV! Why, because I have to teach my flesh that it will be denied; my calling supersedes emotion or need to be coddled by entertainment. I had to tell my flesh yes, you may be emotional, or stressed, but you will perform at maximum capacity because we are representing the Kingdom of God, and there is work to be done. Comfort comes at the end of the day when you have maximized every opportunity to glorify God with the gifts and talents you were blessed with. Its time to stop working so hard to be comfortable and strive to be exceptional. The journey starts now…