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Saturday, June 22, 2013


A Poem:
Life storms out of mediocrity’s corner
Plunging into the abyss of non believers
And surfacing as the dreams of the forager
Always looking for the opportunity to exchange dirt for diamonds….

Today my mind was on love...
Love of God, love of friend’s, love of me
I worked with children at one phase of my life. I was pleased to see their minds develop a sense of passion and inquiry without much effort; this made me reflect on the trial of man. Honesty and the ability to connect with what you believe the most. From this thought, a question rose… or should I say challenge.

A challenge to: Experience life as a child again. Embrace new ventures; be amazed by wind kissed by leaves dancing in mid air. Snack on healthy indulgences like naps and meditation. Have recess; make a point to enjoy at least a couple moments out of your day. Stop, look, and listen to the instruction of your spirit. Put your finger on your lips and follow someone older and wiser than you. Come to the water fountain of knowledge where you can find nourishment, fun and joy. You will be amazed by how well your day flows.
Peace- SLiM

White Rabbit

Am I chasing the white rabbit like Alice in Wonderland…
When you think of the white rabbit you see pure professionalism, someone who idolizes time and despises anything that stands in the way of proficiency; but at what cost?
I truly believe the older we get, the more we suppress the nature of each other’s imagination and ingenuity for stupid dates. How old is too old to follow a dream… when is it too late to get what you want out of life? Life is passing us by while we run around much like the rabbit with our head down, watching a clock.
There is nothing wrong with being driven, but there is something wrong with allowing life to pass you by because you think you’re too old to dream.